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BCAS “Sisu Savia” Scholarships:

100 Merit Scholarships worth Rs 80 Millions to be awarded for  UK Degree Studies.


BCAS Campus, a top ranked and leading higher education institution in Sri Lanka , has announced a Merit Scholarship Scheme for  students who have successfully completed A-Levels.  The Scholarship Scheme BCAS “Sisu Saviya”  worth Rs 80 millions  are to be awarded to 100 students on the basis of their Z-score. The winners will complete their degrees awarded by prestigious UK universities with BCAS Campus in Sri Lanka itself.


The Scholarship Scheme was officially launched by the State Minister of University Education Honourable Mohan Lal Grero at the Graduation Ceremony of BCAS held at the BMICH on 11 November 2015 when he graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.  Following the event a press conference was held at the Colombo Kingsbury Hotel to explain the Scholarship Scheme in detail.


Professor David Phoenix, the Vice Chancellor and Professor Rao, the Vice President of the London South Bank University, Eng.Abdur Rahman, the Chairman/CEO of BCAS Campus and Professor Kshanika Hiruburegama, the Executive Dean of Academic affairs of BCAS Campus and several other VIPs too particpated in both the events (Graduation Ceremony and the Press Conference).


It is an axiom that even though more than one hundred thousand students get through the AL exam successfully every year, not even 30% of them are fortunate to get into the state universities. Thus, the remaining 70% of the AL completed students do not get the opportunity of going for higher education due to various circumstances prevailing in the country.   Of course there are ample opportunities available in the country to pursue higher education from foreign universities.  Yet, many of the truly deserving and promising students find it extremely difficult to meet the cost of studying for foreign degrees.


Another frustration the students face is even when they are selected to the state universities they do not get courses in keeping with their expectations, choice and flairs.


Keeping in mind of the realities explained here,  the BCAS “Sisu Savia” Special Scholarship Scheme has been launched by BCAS Campus.   Like the state university admission criteria, the selection of winners for this scholarship will be mainly in accordance with the Z-Scores obtained.The scholarship recipients will be able to follow the entire three year degree programme in the fields of Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Computing, Bio-medical Science, Law, Business Information System Management and Business Management.



The students who become eligible for this scholarship will receive their final degree awards either from the University of Wolverhampton, UK or London South Bank University, UK when they successfully complete their three yearcourse.The winners of the scholarship will be afforded the opportunity of choosing the most convenient campus for them as BCAS has branch campuses in Kandy, Kurunagala, Jaffna, Batticaloa and Kalmunai besides Colombo and Mount Lavinia.


It has been announced that the selection will be mainly on the Z-score basis.  The students however will be required to sit an aptitude test and attend an interview to be conducted by the Academic Team of BCAS.


The applications for the Sisu Saviya Scholarship are now accepted.  Interested students with a Z-Score of 1.0 and above  are advised to visit www.bcas.lk or refer to the announcements  in the weekend newspapers.You also can get more details by sending an SMS to 076 5204505 giving your name, address, and the Z-score obtained.


The closing date for the scholarship scheme is 25 December 2015 and the winners will be able to enrol for their chosen course of study somewhere in January/ February 2016.